Saturday, May 26, 2012

saturday i love you.

Maybe it's 11 a.m.  Maybe husband and I are still sitting in bed with messy hair and sleepy eyes enjoying each other's company and spending a little time on our laptops. This is just how we like our Saturday mornings.  We are going to try to savor every Saturday morning that we don't have to be somewhere early.  I know one day we will have little ones jumping in bed with us ready for a day full of fun, and that will be ok too.  But for now just the two of us is really nice.  The only problem is which one is going to have to make the first move to put the coffee on.....

As for the rest of the day, we aren't sure yet.  Definitely thinking getting some sunshine is in order!
But of course coffee is the first order of action.  Maybe if I put this picture of coffee up on the screen, hubby will look over and think hmm I should make some coffee......

Happy Saturday!  xoxo

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