Wednesday, May 30, 2012

take me out to the ballgame

On Memorial Day Will and I went to a baseball game downtown with some new friends from a church we have been visiting.  Afterwards we did a cookout and played some corn-hole.  We had a great time and are looking forward to hanging out with this group more in the future!  

My brother Jeff and his wife Kelly were there!
Will out on the field helping friend Ben out with a game.
 Isn't she lovely?
My love :)
Not pictured: getting rained on at the game and running for shelter, shout-out from the announcer at the game to the people from Grace Church, my mad corn-hole skills (ok so maybe I am exaggerating and I really stink at it), awesome burgers.

We are excited that our new friends Ben and Joanna that just got married live only a couple of minutes from us. Hopefully we will have some time this summer to hang out with them!
Joanna and Ben

Monday, May 28, 2012

i am so blessed.

As I am sitting here reading my favorite blogs this morning, I get to look over and see this. Every day I get to wake up and see this face.  I just keep thinking of how blessed I am to know him, be loved by him, and be his wife!  I hope this isn't too sappy for a Monday morning, but it is a holiday.... And I just can't help myself!
P.S. I am hoping he doesn't mind I took this.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

i often dream of hawaii.

Hubby and I are working on a collage wall for our bedroom today.  I was looking through our honeymoon pictures trying to decide which ones to print and thought I would share a couple! I will definitely be posting more later.

Isn't this mother and child enchanting?

I'm off to make some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and then we are going to get out and enjoy some sunshine!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

10 things that make me terribly happy

I went back to the beginning of the the Rockstar Diaries blog the other day and have been enjoying reading and dreaming of city living.  I was inspired by this post to do my own list of 10 things that make me happy.  Here it goes...

1. my red saltwater sandals

2. coconut shrimp that we had in Hawaii

3. breakfast dates

4. this quilt my sister made me for a wedding present

5. all the pretty hydrangeas blooming around town (and my mom for letting me clip this off hers!)

6. Dillard's Farms red velvet ice cream and coconut ice cream- best combo ever!

7. my kitchenaid mixer

8. my newfound love for doing wedding flowers

9. my husband's hair and how everyone says it makes him look like a millionaire

10. wearing a vintage scarf in my hair

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

saturday i love you.

Maybe it's 11 a.m.  Maybe husband and I are still sitting in bed with messy hair and sleepy eyes enjoying each other's company and spending a little time on our laptops. This is just how we like our Saturday mornings.  We are going to try to savor every Saturday morning that we don't have to be somewhere early.  I know one day we will have little ones jumping in bed with us ready for a day full of fun, and that will be ok too.  But for now just the two of us is really nice.  The only problem is which one is going to have to make the first move to put the coffee on.....

As for the rest of the day, we aren't sure yet.  Definitely thinking getting some sunshine is in order!
But of course coffee is the first order of action.  Maybe if I put this picture of coffee up on the screen, hubby will look over and think hmm I should make some coffee......

Happy Saturday!  xoxo

Friday, May 25, 2012

under the weather.

This week I have been a little under the weather which means I OBVIOUSLY can't take care of the baby bee.  I am not going to lie, this week has been so nice.  After the initial first day of feeling horrible (get ready for it).....
I was able to get healthy meals planned
Major grocery shopping done (this is a great accomplishment for the girl who picks up a few things here and there- not always healthy)
Cleaned the apartment
Had a quick pool time with mom and sister
Stocked freezer with homemade healthy version of egg mcmuffins
Baked chocolate chip cookies which I am ashamed to say I haven't done since we have been married
Made half of those cookies into homemade ice cream sandwiches for a quick treat for the pool
Made healthy (and delicious!) meals for my dear husband
Started this blog.

I did wake up feeling not the best this morning so I am going to try to get a little more rest today than I have been. I must say I am so happy that Will does not have to work tonight, AND we got invited to spend a fun Memorial Day with some new friends.  Life is good.

 Don't you just want to sink your teeth into one of those? 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

meet the newlyweds.

Welcome! This is a picture of me and my dashing husband Will at a beach wedding we went to a couple of weeks ago.  I think I am a pretty lucky girl to have him!

I thought it was about time I started a lifestyle blog because I am pretty much obsessed with reading them,  and Will says I live my life through instagram already (my instagram name is melissablanton if you want to follow!). I like to think that starting this blog will keep me consistent with documenting life so that we can always look back and remember where we have been and how far we have come.

Will does corporate research and development for a large youth sports organization, is piloting a new sports academy, and also coaches at a local soccer club.  Everyday he amazes me with his kindness and positive outlook on life.  He is such a hard worker with everything he does and yet still always finds the time to make me feel loved and like the most special girl in the world.  sigh :)

I spend most of my days nannying a little almost two-year-old girl that I affectionately call the baby bee.  What this basically means is I go to the zoo, the children's museum, and swimming pool for my job.  Sometimes I get carried away when she hands me a crayon and says "My-My braw(draw)?"  Coloring was one of my favorite things when I was kid after all! Oh yeah, she has chosen to call me My-My. 
My other part time job is working with the talented Fletcher of Aperture Vision Wedding Photography. He took this picture of us.  In fact he took all of our wedding pictures and did a fabulous job I might add!  I am his assistant so I get to help out at bridal shoots and do some secondary shooting at weddings as well as hold lights and things.  

So that is us in a nutshell.  I am looking forward to sharing a peak into our lives as we start out our new lives together!