Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summer reads.

I am starting to compile a list of books I would like to read this summer.  Since Will got me a kindle for Christmas, I am motivated to start reading more.  I used to love reading but sadly have recently found myself watching more netflix and hulu than reading and learning through books.  I figured doing a post on what I want to read will keep me more accountable to actually do it so here it goes...

1. Christ-Centered Worship by Brian Chappel- I have been wanting to do a study on what the Bible says about worship and what our worship should be like.  I think this book will be a great starting point for that study.

2. All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot (and possibly the next two after this All Things Bright and Beautiful and All Things Wise and Wonderful)- A sweet friend of mine recommended this series.  She is an avid reader, and I know I can always ask her for book suggestions!

3. Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey - Will has been telling me I should read this book so we are on the same page with our finances and where we want to be.

4. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis -Another recommendation by my sweet hubby!  He talks about this book all the time :)

5. Love That Lasts by Gary & Betsy Ricucci -Thought this looked like a good read for us newlyweds!

Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I am serious about putting my kindle to good use!  


  1. I love having a kindle too! If you guys are still thinking about a trip to Cambodia you should read The Lost Executioner: Journey to the Heart of the Killing Fields.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! We decided to postpone our trip, but definitely still want to go someday. I would still love to read that though! I want to learn more about Cambodia!