Friday, June 8, 2012

baby owl.

The Baby Bee turned two on Wednesday.  When I started this job I thought that the younger the baby the better, but I have realized in this case that the older she gets the more fun she is and the more bonded we become.  It is so exciting for me to see her growing up and all the things she is learning, and it is awesome to be able to have little conversations with her and have her understand and respond back with sentences!
For her birthday I made her this little owl using vintage fabric and felt.  I really enjoyed making it, and it was a good easy project to get used to my new sewing machine on.  I combined machine stitching with some hand stitched details (which you can't see in this, and I really think it turned out pretty cute for being such a simple design!  I am looking forward to trying to make more little animals for gifts.  I love the idea of all the fabric combo possibilities!

Today I am off work while the Baby Bee is out of town again with her parents.  I am going to get some cleaning done and hopefully get together with my sister and friend for some crafting!

Happy Friday!

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