Thursday, June 14, 2012

dream kitchen.

I am totally in love with my apartment.  The layout of it and the easy access to the pool combined with the wonderful people that work here have really made it a great place to live!  Will and I picked our particular apartment because the layout of it made it feel less apartment-y and more like a house with its long hallway.  With that said there is one thing that I would change with the layout and that is a more spacious kitchen!  I guess most apartments aren't really known for their fabulous kitchens!  Being that I love cooking and baking, I like to dream about the type of kitchen we will have someday in a house. Here are some that have caught my eye on the internet.

For now though I am content to just dream about how I will decorate my kitchen one day.  Although I have to move the trashcan to open the fridge or the oven and can't have the fridge and the oven open at the same time, I think the little kitchen I have now is serving us quite well.  We have made up some yummy dishes in there, and I will always look back fondly on our first apartment!  Please just don't open our cabinets.... Yes, I think small kitchen storage and organization needs to be a post in the near future....

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