Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This past Sunday I went to The Big Crafty in Asheville with my friend Cara and sister-in-law Elizabeth.  We had a great time, and I snagged these two awesome shoe prints from Suzanne and Edgar from An Open Sketchbook.  The red shoes represent me since I have loved red shoes for years and wore them on my wedding day!  The sneakers represent my athletic hunk husband.  He is always sporting trendy athletic shoes in an array of colors.

I think we are going to hang them in our bedroom across from our bed on a collage wall that we are wanting to do.
The artists behind An Open Sketchbook are a husband and wife duo. They are too cute and have twin baby boys that you can read all about on their blog too. How fun is that? You should also check out their etsy shop because they have a BOGO sale, and that is how I snagged these beauties for half the price!
This limited edition print pictured below called A Downtown Affair caught my eye at the show and is definitely on my wishlist.  Hint hint to my husband :)
Today I am taking care of a sick little one, and after work I am going straight to our membership class for Grace Church!  We are so happy to have found the church we feel like God has for us and are excited to get involved! 
I hope you are having a wonderful week!  

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